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    I deleted my .cp files!


      Version: 4

      Output: .exe


      Hit me with a hammer in my head, but I deleted my .cp files and my .bak files without look if my partner have made a backup.


      Now, I´m only with my .exe files, and I need to make some final editions in the archives.


      I ran directly to a recover program, or there is a way to Captivate open the .exe file and give me back my control (and my well rounded timeline?)

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there is no recovery avenue short of having a backup of the .CP file.


          This is something I've nagged the development team about for years asking for a decompiler for situations exactly as you have described. So far I've been met with criticism for even suggesting it. (Folks stealing your work, too much trouble to create, etc.)


          While it doesn't help, I'm hoping you take a moment and file an Wish Form asking for a decompiler. If enough folks asked for it, we would have it already and you wouldn't be in this pickle.


          Cheers... Rick



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            Yuri_Peixoto Level 1

            Well, that´s a pity.


            Thanks for the quick answer, Rick.


            I will run for a recover program, and see what I can salvage of the poor hard disk. Right now I will run like hell to see if I can recover these files, and when I finish this, I will follow your suggestion and send a Wish Form.


            Now, I need of much coffee.



            Just giving an update:


            Recovering program don´t find my .cp or .bak files (but it find a lot of .cpr files that could be recuperated )


            Now, I will start the painful art of seeing two .exes lessons and redoing all in record time.