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    Back Button Problem with Context-sensitive WebHelp (RoboHelp 8 HTML)

    James Gage

      The context-sensitive help (CSH) for one of our web applications is broken, because the help window reopens every time you select the Back button on the main web application window.

      Here's some "technical" background: We have CSH integrated with a web application. The CSH was generated using RoboHelp HTML 8, and the output is WebHelp. We're using Map IDs (which rely on one of RoboHelp's .js files) rather than linking directly to .htm files. The browsers being used are IE 6 and 7, although I suspect the problem would exist in all browsers. (Our customer uses IE 6.)


      The precise steps to reproduce the problem are as follows:

      1. Access a page in the web application.
      2. Click a link to open a help topic. The correct topic opens in a new window.
      3. Close the help topic window and return to the main application's browser window.
      4. Click the browser's Back button. The browser does not return to the previous page. Instead, it opens up the pop-up containing the help topic again. The Back button on the main window is essentially useless at this point, because clicking it always opens the help page, no matter what.

      I'm wondering if anyone has heard of a solution to this problem. My developers haven't found a workable solution that doesn't cause additional problems. I can send out code snippets if anyone is interested.

      I have seen two other posts for this same issue, with no responses, from 2007 and 2005. I hope that doesn't mean there is no solution. I would think everyone implementing CSH from a web application would have this same problem.

      Thanks in advance for any insights!

      Best regards,

      James Gage