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    menu and sub-menu

    kt03 Level 1



      Is anyone knows where to find an example for creating the menu and sub-menus in coldusion?





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          ilssac Level 5

          Well here is one I currently use in one site.


          <ul id="menu">

            <li>Item 1</li>

            <li>Item 2</li>

            <li>Item 3</li>




            <li>subItem 1</li>

            <li>subItem 2</li>

            <li>subItem 3</li>



          But then I wouldn't know why you would bother with ColdFusion for this.  But then I am guessing that you want something different, but your post gives absolutely no clue on what that something might be.

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            Adam Cameron. Level 5

            Some really obvious suggestions are:

            * Google "coldfusion menu".  There are quite a number of matches.

            * I imagine you could even search these forums or just read the recent posts.  I've been discussing this with another posted within the last week.

            * Do a bit of RTFM.  I suggest starting here, with the aptly named <cfmenu>: http://livedocs.adobe.com/coldfusion/8/htmldocs/Tags_m-o_04.html#2929198




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              here is a simple example using cfmenu:

              <cfmenu name="menu" type="horizontal"
                       fontsize="14"  font="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"  bgcolor="##ff9f40;"
                      selecteditemcolor="##dd6b04" selectedfontcolor="##FFFFFF" menustyle="border: 1;">
                  <cfmenuitem name="cfdiv" href="test1.cfm" display="Test1" />
                  <cfmenuitem name="cfdiv2"  href="test2.cfm" display="Test2"/>
                  <cfmenuitem name="JavaScripts"  display="JavaScripts">
                      <cfmenuitem name="test3" href="test3.cfm" display="test3"/>   
                      <cfmenuitem name="test3a" href="test3a.html" display="test3a"/>   
                  <cfmenuitem name="Examples"  display="Examples" >
                      <cfmenuitem name="cfgrid" href="cfgrid.cfm" display="CFGrid"/>   
                      <cfmenuitem name="cfgridwin" href="cfgridwindow.cfm" display="CFgrid in Popup Window"/>                   
                      <cfmenuitem name="monthDay" href="ymd.cfm" display="day base on month selected"/>                                
                  <cfmenuitem name="cfmenu" href="http://tutorial16.learncf.com/demo/16" display="cfmenu on the fly"/>

              hope it helps.