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    Dynamically loaded components and moving underlaying components.


      Hello everybody!


      Let's imagine that I have this kind of form...


      1. ComboBox

      2. Dynamically generated set of checkboxes wrapped by tile component

      3. Input #1

      4. Input #2


      All forms are aligned to the left grid ruler.


      When choosing option from ComboBox I dynamically generate set of checkboxes using repeater.

      All checkboxes are wrepped into Tile component. I don't know how much checkboxes will be generated, so I can't set fixed width to Tile component.

      Instead of this I should set fit to content width.


      My problem is checkboxes are overlaying underlaying inputs (Input #1, Input #2).

      So, I should change Input #1, Input #2 position after generating set of checkboxes.


      What is the most correct solution for this question?


      Thanks in advance!