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    The Flash Bum Interface?


      The Flash Bum has a very interesting interface that zooms in and out -OR- scales the content that makes up his site.




      I tried to do the same with a sample project in Catalyst and quickly came to a brick wall. I was unable to scale a group of components at the page level. I tried a few different ideas to acheive the same effect but each mythod I tried FAILed because of something I thought Catalyst should behave it did not.


      How would, if I could at all, acheive this interface?





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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Hi Truce,

              I checked out the Flash Bum interface and I was curious if you are referring to the interaction where the photos are scattered all over the screen and clicking them zooms in, or are you referring to how to UI is anchored to the side of the window (like the Ipod), so that resizing the browser resizes the UI?


          If you want to create a resizable layout so that the UI lays out differently depending on the screen size, then you will need to take your Flash Catalyst design to Flex Builder. Currently, Flash Catalyst doesn't support resizable layouts and contraint-based layouts. We certainly recognize this is a valuable feature and plan to add it to Catalyst in the feature.


          If you question is more about how the photos layout and zoom in and out, please elaborate about the problems you hit and I will try and help.



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            Truce Level 1

            I understand that Catalyst doesn't support Flash Player scaling.


            I was refering to the way his UI panned, spun, and zoomed in & out

            on the content so that each picture once selected was in proper

            visual framing.


            I was going to scale may randomly dropped components to give the

            illusion that the 'camera' was zooming in and out and make a page

            per component where the group of components rotates and scales

            on state change.


            In doing so I also needed to scale, rotate, and pan all of my components

            relitive to each other.


            So I tried shift picking them all to scale them but Catalyst doesn't let me

            do scaling on a group.


            So I tried combining my components into one component and that

            FAILed to work because I need to create a new page/state for each

            components zoomed to and rotated to at the top level, any change

            to the new 'grouped' component updates all of my top level page/states

            to be the same because the change was maded on the component.


            Something I thought would/should have been easy ended up being

            a dead end for me. I'd think shift picking and/or grouping components

            would/should let me scale, rotate, move as a group - instead my

            component move closer/further but stay the same size on group scaling.


            Also where do I post bugs? I know from other postings I've found

            bugs with Catalyst running on Mac OS X 10.5.8 that don't appear

            on 10.6.xx