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    Subversive SVN in Flex Problem (_apr_hash_clear@4 - libapr-1.dll)

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      Hi, friends.


      I have Flex Builder 3.4 and a little problem. Every time I start Flex and use the SVN (Eclipse Subversive) it appears a message box saying that it's not possible to find the entry point of _apr_hash_clear@4 at libapr-1.dll.


      I Google it, but found NOTHING.


      Does anybody had this problem? How to solve it? I've already try to reinstall.


      Thank you,


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          i encounter the same issue here and there with eclipse. it seems there is a dll conflict on the system. you may have installed a command line svn tool with a different version compared to one of the connectors in subersive.


          what will help is to uninstall the native connectors for subversive and use svnkit only.


          another way would be to figure out where the other lib comes from. apr is probably the apache portable runtime. the dll is probably in your path and taken before the correct one in eclipse is considered. either remove that version or update the tool using it (don't replace the dll in eclipse with the one from the system or vice versa. something will break).