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    Codec problems


      I'm using the trial version of premiere elements 7. I'm trying to import an mpg file and it continues to tell me "This type of file is not supported, or the required codec is not installed".


      Can anyone help me out?


      Thanks in advance,


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Please tell us more about your MPEG files. This ARTICLE wll give you some background on the various format "wrappers," and how to get info on those files.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Note: there is an MPEG module for G-Spot, but it should not be necessary for 2.70a version of the program.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              As Hunt has indicated, it is very important to determine the properties of your file with that .mpg file extension. There is a vast number of codec possibilities under that file extension. If you are not sure what kind of .mpg you have, please give the brand and model of the camcorder from which it came. In addition to that information, what has the free gspot software told you about its properties and are you getting a codec missing message in that software?


              I know that you say that you have a .mpg file, not .mov, but do you have the latest version of Quicktime installed on the computer where you have Premiere Elements running? If not, please install it.


              There was a recent post (user said to be dealing with .mpg) where the installation of the latest version of Quicktime turned thing around in the positive direction.


              Please let us know the outcome.





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                I do not understand the tie with PrE and QT Player, as PrPro runs fine without QT. Still, as you point out, PrE relies heavily on QT Player, and an update can fix all sorts of seemingly unrelated file format issues.


                I'd love to hear from an Adobe engineer what the tie is, and why PrE is so different from PrPro in this respect. Much of the core code is the same between the two programs, with usually only features and the GUI being different. Even the authorcore of PrE is almost the same as it was in PrPro 2.0, when there was rudimentary authoring capabilities.


                I just don't "get it," but I also do see it.



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                  If you tell me Premiere Pro runs well for .mpg, .mov, whatever without the need for QuickTime installed, then I can only speculate in the direction of the codecs that may be inherent in Premiere Pro vs those not inherent in Premiere Elements. I always wondered about the source of the codecs that these programs use. From what is written, they seem to come from the players that you have installed, but just how much does Premiere Elements and its designers bring to the table in this respect...maybe more for Premiere Pro than Premiere Elements.


                  I do not know if my memory is mixing apples and oranges, but could there be .dll file (s) in QuickTime that Premiere Elements needs and Premiere Pro does not to execute and facilitate the use of codec supplied from installed players????


                  At this moment, I would probably error on the side of dll files involved.


                  Theory for the moment.



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                    I cannot tell you about the CODEC's, and have no way to really check this out. I only have PrE on my laptop, but do not think that the CODEC's in PrPro is much different, than those in PrE. Still, I have installed necessary CODEC's on both that laptop and my workstation. Also, both have QT Pro, so it might not be correct either way.


                    Just looking at the two machines, I have 324 CODEC's on the workstation (without PrE), and have 233 on the laptop (with PrE).


                    Just because I cannot check does not mean that you are wrong. I just do not know. Maybe when I get my new workstation, I'll check the installed CODEC's with the installation of PrPro, and then try to correlate that with my laptop with PrE. Who knows?