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    Interconnect speed v. CPU Speed


      I am narrowing down the processors for a new 64 bit machine to replace my existing Intel Pentium.  I will be using CS4 - Premiere, AE, Photoshop and Encore.  I am down to the Intel Xeon W3540 (2.93 gHz, 8M L3, 4.8 GT/s) v. Intel Xeon E5520 ( 2.26 gHz, 8M L3, 5.8GT/s).  Both are Quad Core.  My queston is - does the higher interconnect speed on the E5520 make up for the higher CPU Speed on the W3540 when using CS4?  The two processors fit in my budget and I am trying to decide which would work better for my use. I hope I gave enough information.  Any thoughts?