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    Can I produce a new sequence in Premiere Elements 7


      I bought Premiere Elements 7 with 15 class licences for my students.


      I really admire the Elements 7 and very happy to be able to present this affordable and yet so efficient program to my students.


      There's only one thing I really miss: how can I produce a second timeline? (sequence)


      I normaly have my raw material in one timeline (sequence), there I sight it and chose pieces I need for my film, I cut them out, copy and paste in another timeline (sequence), which I sometimes rename to: master


      I hope I just can't find it.


      Please help me to find it.


      Thank you

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, PrE, unlike PrPro, does not have Sequences. As I normally use PrPro, I feel that this is a big loss, but considering the differences in the two programs, I can see why Adobe chose to not include Sequences.


          Now, there are at least two ways to do similar:


          1.) Edit your Project, exactly as you want, and then Export/Share that Project as a DV-AVI Type II file. Import that AV file into a new Project.*


          2.) Many have used ClipMate, a Clipboard "extender," to Copy/Paste between two Projects. I have not used it, so I do not know the power, or the limitations.


          Good luck,




          * One workflow is to do a very tight edit, with all cuts and Transitions, as changing things like a simple Transition can be a bit more work, and require extra Trimming, just to swap out a Cross-Dissolve for another Transition. The other is to do a very loose edit, leaving the Clips with plenty of additional footage, so you will have the necessary Handles. For this, I would go so far as to place 02 sec. of Black Video between each Clip, so I could easily find where I will want to Trim later. It's either a tight, final edit, or a very loose one.