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    More elegant way to create intermediate dialogs?

      Hi All,
      I have several situations where the user selections an operation where they need to make additional decisions before the action completes and they return to the original page. This really becomes a Modal Message Box that I can populate with button choices or drop-downs, etc. as needed. Unfortunately, this is messy.

      The way I've done this in the past (pre CF8) was:
      1. CF form triggers a JavaScript call which calls a second form that presents the options.
      2. User selects options from second page, javascript then calls a third CF action script that does operations
      3. third form completes and returns to the first form.

      All told, 3 CF forms and 2-3 sets of JavaScript. Ack. Ick. Yuck.

      Any examples of a *simpler* way to do this? Has anyone used AJAX for something similar? If so, any sample code you could share?