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    onMouseDown Help


      Hi, Guys


      My onMouseDown wont works when I upload the website. But work totally fine when I test it (Ctrl+Enter) or swf files. Some of them suggest it has got to do with the loadclip. Therefore, my onMouseDown wont works.





                          loadClip onward & createEmptyMovieClips
      1. index.swf        ---->        2. index1.swf Main Menu and Content        ---->        3. Book flip engine        ---->        4. Load Page by page swf




      3. Is where my onMouseDown were. I have no ideas or is there a workaround for it. Is there anything got to do with loadClip or EmptyMovieClip?


           //initializing mouse click handler
           mousecontroll = new Object();
           mousecontroll.onMouseDown = function()




           mousecontroll.onMouseUp = function()





           When I return to index1.swf, I will unload 3 and at the same time remove the mousecontroll object


           function removeML()






      Thank You


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          swfs that work locally and fail when uploaded usually have a typo.  ie, locally test.swf looks the same as test.SWF.  when uploaded they are different. 


          so, double check the case of all files that fail to load correctly.

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            bennos89 Level 1



            Yup, I check. All the swf files are in small cap. But the problem still the same. Sometimes when I refresh the page or view the sites, the onMouseDown works. But most of the time fail.