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    Pixel aspect ratio incorrectly identified in Properties

    DHM711 Level 1

      Premiere Pro/CS4 Mac


      I created an animation using CInema 4D and rendered it out using 1:1/square pixels. If I open the file in QT Player, it shows up as 720 x 480 and fills the enire screen... all is well. But when I import it into PPro and look at the file in Properties, it reports it as .909 pixel aspect ratio, which is not square.

      This is a problem as I want to put this onto a DVD. If I render an MPG2 file out of PPRo and  set the pixel aspect ratio option to Square, the resulting file

      does not fill a 720 x 480 screen; there is black on both sides.

      If I use .909/standard pixel ratio, it fills the screen when I view it in QT PLayer, but I am worried that Pro is messing with the image...

      I can import the same original file in AE and use the Interpret footage option to force square pixels, but that is not an option for this work. Any idea why Pro misindentifies the aspect ratio and is there any way to fix that? Or is this a total non-issue as far as any potential degradation to the file itself along the way through the workflow?

      thanks for any assistance.