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    Alternative for loadmovie()



      First, I'm a more than a beginner in flash, I need to install some tracking scripts into a banner, which should be pretty easy.

      But for some reason, I am obliged not to use loadmovie().. I tried using loadclip(), but it had some other problems (regarding comptability, its not the issue here, the comptability problem is from the adserver).

      Anyway, I need an alternative function for loadmovie(), please tell me any similar function.

      and btw, what does loadmovie() do? does it load the animation?


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          MovieClipLoader.loadClip() is the only alternative to loadMovie() that I know of.  loadClip is the preferred method when loading content dynamically if you need to know when content has completed loading or some other status.


          both of these methods are used to load image and swf files dynamically.  The Flash help documents provide a detailed explanation.

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