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    cfgridkey=null, empty row

    advancesolutions Level 1

      When my cfgrids return no data after a search with no results then the click function fires. This causes all sorts of errors.

      I cant understand it as the cfgrid is set to selectonload=false. The click event then fires with a cfgridkey=null.

      its a javascript function and i have tried to capture the null event with some if statements but they get ignored..

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          There are a couple of ways to work around this known quirk.

          I embed the href right in the sql as follows:

          SELECT ,'<a target="_blank" href="index.cfm?event=registration.view&showmenu=no&oid_registration='|| reg.oid_registration
                                  ||'">'|| registrationID||'</a>'AS registrationID


          I've seen other threads where additional interrogation of the data is accomplished by using a function to return the href