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    Same Application for Web and Air

    Hans Preuer



      I have an application written for Adobe Air and I also need this App. for using it on the Web. So in my workspace which helds the Adobe Air Project, I made a new Project for the Web Application. In this Project, I build the new staring mxml file and in the properties of the new project in the "Flex buiild path" I inserted the path to the sources of the other project and in the "Flex modules" I inserted the swf-Modules with the source path in the other project.


      This works all fine except one thing: In the air application, I show some PDF-Files by using AlivePDF. For this I have to open a WIndow which wrapps the PDF. When I compile the Web Application, I get the error "Unable to locate specified base class 'mx.core.Window' for component class 'components.PDFWindow'." I think, open a windoe could only be done from air and not from the web app. So I will construct a new component "PDFWindow" for the Web App. My Question: Can I make a new component "PDFWindow" and give it to the components folder of my Web App and this component will be used instead of the component from the linked source path. Or what have I to do to have all my sources only one time, and only the component "PDFWindow" separate for each App?