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    Load Movie vs. container clip position with tooltips

    videostart Level 1



      I have a .swf file with tool tips and dynamic colors on movie clips that I want to load into another movie.


      s_1800.onRollOver = function (){
      myTooltip.content = "Office #: 1800"+newline+"SF: 0";
      var colorful = new Color ("_root.s_1800");
      s_1800.onRollOut = function (){


      When I do a loadMovie script:


      loadMovie("2008_18.swf", 2);


      the movie loads in fine but I can't control the position of it...(or can I)?


      So, I loaded into a container clip:


      createEmptyMovieClip("holder" , "100");
      loadMovie("2008_18.swf" , "holder");
      holder._x = -200;
      holder._y = -200;

      and the tool tips get thrown off (they don't rollover where they should), and the setRGB doesn't work anymore?


      Any thoughts?