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    visible of layer

    droom dp



      I've troubles with a simple script in InDesign CS2, yes CS2, I do not have the opportunity to upgrade within this workflow.


      This is my script:


      repeat with myCounter from 1 to 20

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
          set visible of layer "myLayer" of active document to false
      end tell

      end repeat


      This script works fine when I run it from a script editor.

      This script is not working, nor generating an error, when I run it from the scripts panel.


      When I throw away the repeat block, everything is working again.

      Of course I need such a loop to run thru the pages of my document and depending on the page number, layers have to be visible or not.


      Anyone, any idea ?  Can somebody test this to see if this happens also on his configuration ?


      Kind Regards,