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    Snow Leopard - Fl CS4 Motion Tween freakout.

    Eric Bintner

      Flash has been working for me pretty well, although it seems to be the buggiest of the whole CS4 suite (Ps, Ai, Ae, Dw, Fw) on OS X 10.6.


      I am trying to figure out what the root of some of the bugs I am encountering are. None were there until I starting using the CS4 Motion Tween the other day. Been using Snow Leopard since end of Aug, with few problem until now.


      A)  Sometimes moving the movieclip with the mouse causes many keyframes to move in different parts of the timeline -- as if i selected most the key frames on the second half of the animation and drug them too. I've never encountered this kind of behavior before -- presently I can only move movieclips with the arrows on the keyboard, otherwise I move a random selection of that same movieclip's keyframes in totally different points in the timeline.


      B) Undo freakout only reproducible when I am undoing a motion tween event. I click undo -- it triggers a series of undos undoing action after action after action very quickly. (!!!) Thats uncommon. Usually, however it freaks out by appearing to do that, but only actually undoing one thing -- it still locks up flash and the File menu blinks over and over again and I get the spinning beach ball until it stops in about 5-10 sec.




      Other know bugs so far with Flash and Mac OS 10.6:

      • Corrupted fonts cause Flash to crash (I have not encountered the font issue)

      • Saving causes the top bar in Flash to disappear. (happens every time)



      I am using OS X 10.6.1 and Flash 10.0.2 on a late 2008 MacBook Pro.

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          jendehaan Level 4

          Hi there,


          Regarding (1), could you describe where they're moving (timeline, stage, motion editor?)  It sounds a little bit like they're roving keyframes -- those kinds of keyframes are supposed to move, as they're attempting to keep your motion constant across the path (so they adjust their positions accordingly). If this is the case, it might be what you want, or you could change them to non-roving if it isn't.  You'd only see this in X and Y property graphs.


          Regarding (2), we have one very specific known issue where if you move an instance using arrow keys, it blinks for each key. Essentially you press "down" 10 times but then you didn't want to do that 10 pixel move, it undo-s the move but blinks for each keypress instead of just for the one move. This should be fixed in an upcoming release.  It sounds like this might be what you're seeing due to using the arrow mentioned in issue (1), but if it isn't please let me know what you're doing before the undo. And if you're seeing it for other things that aren't arrow key-based stage adjustments.

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            Eric Bintner Level 1

            ?) just for clarification, what are the points called in the new cs4 motion tween? They are not keyframes like the keyframes in flash, but they are like the keyframes in After Effects -- I'm gonna call them "keypoints" for now...


            1) No. These are not roving. When I shift click I have the option to set them to roving -- but I want them to be locked in time so I leave them as they are.


            I'll try hard to be more specific, but I honestly can't tell exactly what is happening. All I can tell is when I move the MC with the mouse it moves a sequence of keypoints to an entirely different place -- a sequence of keypoints that is not visible within the motion graph window, a set elsewhere in the animation on the same MC. And it does not move keypoints in between where I am working and the keypoints that moved. It's hard to tell because I can't see them move because I am zoomed in on the motion editor timeline.


            I can't tell how those keypoints get selected or how they get moved so far away. Lastly, Hmm. It's as if a selection of many keypoints gets rearranged in the timeline to randomly assigned places in time. An anarchic remix of meticulously placed keypoints... And the only thing causing it one slight nudge of a movie clip with a mouse. I have included before and after SWFs -- the only difference between before and after is a slight nudge of the MC with a mouse. -- Actually in this example I nudged the feather MC a tiny amount about halfway through the first text line (near the word sword) -- it seems to have reversed the timeline starting at the end of the first text line. I cannot find any order or reason for this behavior whatsoever.



            2) Yes. This is probably what is happening. Yes nudging with the arrows is probably intensifying it. However I have noticed sometimes one undo will delete the last 5 to 10 keypoints (and cause the undo blinking to last 30 seconds) and other times it just deletes one keypoint (and blinks for 5-10 sec).



            Hope this helps in a diagnosis. "1)" is very peculiar and perhaps I will be able to determine it's exact cause. I actually have a suspicion that it is a Snow Leopard bug -- I've noticed a lagging mouse highlight sometimes -- highlighting text isn't very accurate. Lots of involved hardware and software issues -- hard to narrow down...



            (animation not done = crude...)

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              jendehaan Level 4

              Re: naming, a keyframe is the first frame of a tween, or any full "dot" on the timeline in a static span, classic tween, etc. A keyframe is a new instance of a symbol. Because these tween spans animate a single instance of an object, a keyframe is its first frame on the span. Thereafter there are "property keyframes" - these are the small diamonds in the tween span (timeline), or any dot after frame 1 in the motion editor.  They indicate changes on a property of that single object. (here's a full explaination: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/learning_guide/animation/part03_02.html)


              For (1), it sounds very unusual and/or something unexpected is happening that may have a simple explaination or way to avoid.  But I haven't seen an animation reverse like that ever before, other than selecting the option that reverses it or otherwise making it tween that way on purpose. If you have steps to reproduce it, or if you can share the file with the steps (what frame the playhead is on, and the next steps you take where it flips), this would be helpful. I've never seen anything like that where nudging something on stage is reversing a block of separate property keyframes/animation, so I can't really make a good guess about why it's occuring, unfortunately.


              For (2) it should only be blinking when the arrow keys are used as opposed to intensifying (other cases were fixed, but that one remained). If there are additional cases where it's happening it'd be great to know so we can make sure another case is fixed.