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    Training vs demonstration

    IsabellaR Level 1

      I am using Captivate4. I have recorded a project that halfway changes from training mode to demonstration mode? Is there a possibility to change that without having to re-record?

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          macrofireball Level 3

          Hi Isabella,


          One of the great advantages of Adobe Captivate, is that because the program treats the mouse, click boxes, text entry boxes and buttons) etc as separate objects you can convert a training simulation back into a demonstration simply by removing the training / interactive objects that are on each of the slides and just showing the mouse again (Insert > Mouse).


          To show the mouse on all slides in your project, to go the Storyboard view, select all of the slides and then from the Slide Tasks panel click on the heading Mouse followed by Show Mouse.


          One the first slide, you can move the mouse starting point, by clicking on the four red dots that appear at the very beginning of the mouse path. Clicking and dragging this enables you to determine the mouse starting point.


          On the rest of the slides you can control the mouse using the menu I have included in the screen shot shown below. To access the menu you can either:


          1. Click on the mouse icon, located at the bottom right hand side of the slide on the Filmstrip panel

          2. Right-click on the mouse pointer on the slide and select any of the options from the context menu.








          Best - Mark

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            IsabellaR Level 1

            Thank you Mark,


            That was a very helpfull answer.