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    Firefox crash caused by URLLoader or ExternalInterface




      I want to load data = XML string from server to my flash application.

      I load data with URLLoader object. Data are requested every 10 seconds.

      My application must running 24/7.


      My problem is, that Firefox consumes more and more memory and finally crash.

      I dont know if this is any Bug of Flash player or where is problem, and where looking for help.


      When I try to load data from JavaScript to the Flash using ExternalInterface the result was same (FireFox consumes more and more memory and finally crash).


      I have created testing applications testPOST and test ExternalInterface and compiled with Flex3 compilator (mxmlc)

      On system with 512MB memory

      testPOST crash in 30minutes.

      testExternalInterface crash in 24hours


      Problem is on

      Firefox 3.5.3 both Linux/Windows

      with flash player 9.0.x and 10.0.32

      Firefox 2.0 on Windows with player 10.0.32

      Opera 10 on Windows with player 10.0.32


      Internet Explorer 7 with flash player 10.0.32 works OK