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      I have a panel that displays dynamic information based on what is being dragged to it. I can populate a linkbutton label with the URL of a project. I would like to then pass that label value to a function that opens a new browser window (or panel) and calls that label's value.

      I have, in my update panel function:
      devURL.label = Object(event.dragInitiator).selectedItem.devURL.toString();

      Which seems to work fine on my display LinkButton:
      <mx:LinkButton id="devURL" click="viewProject(event)"/>

      What I would like to do is then, when the user clicks the linkbutton to pass that label to the function:
      private function viewProject(e:Event):void {
      var webURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest(this.label);

      I originally just wanted to pass the label value as a string, but of couse, that didn't work. I am still learning what can be passed as a value and what has to be an event.

      Thanks for any help