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    Adobe LiveCycle issues: image-proportion & print-by-checkbox




      Here is the thing I have

      - PDF with multiple pages

      - page one is a form

      - users fill in some data which is auto-placed on different pages

      - users place a logo (in a ImageField, placed with LiveCycle) which is auto-placed on different pages

      - users check a box whether they want the page to be printed


      The problem

      - the data placed and auto-placed is no problem

      - the placed logo is OUT OF PROPORTION (and yes; the field is set to "keep proportions"

      - the checkboxes can be checked but the placed script under the custom print-button does not work


      The print-script used (placed in the Script-Event field)


      if (getField("Check Box1").value !== "Off") {
      bUI: false,
      nStart : 1, nEnd : 1});


      if (getField("Check Box2").value !== "Off") {
      bUI: false,
      nStart : 2, nEnd : 2});


      if (getField("Check Box3").value !== "Off") {
      bUI: false,
      nStart : 3, nEnd : 3});


      What I am looking for
      - we are looking for one who can provide me with a working solution for the print-problem. Once again; users must be able to check boxes on the first page, refering to pages to be printed or not
      - also we would like a solution to keep the user-placed logo's in proportion
      What I have to offer
      - we will give you € 50,- for the print-solution.
      - the proportion-solution is , so I heard, a program-bug. So this might not be solvable?
      Many thanks,
      Frank Puts - Netherlands