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    Crash PPro CS3 when launching AME


      PProCS3 crashes with "Sorry, serious problem" box, when trying to export sequence through Adobe Media Encoder. Same happended with CS4, so we decided to downgrade back to CS3.


      We've uninstalled/cleanuped everything Adobe related and done fresh install of PPro CS3 on following workstation:


      Intel Core i7 920, 6Gb RAM,

      WinXPPro x64, SP2, DX9,

      nVidia Quadro FX1800, 768Mb RAM, dr.v.,

      Latest K-Lite and QT drivers.


      sherlock.exe shows "known false positives" - H.264/AVC, MPEG. (are they really so false?)

      dxDiag.exe passed perfectly, however Windows Error Reporting displays a number of identical entries:

      "AppErr adobe_media_encoder.exe <ver>, faulting module winmediaopwriter.vwr <ver>, fault address 0x0002934d;&#x000d;&#x000a;"


      another computer (Intel P4, 512Mb RAM), runs PProCS3 and exports all and everything (except Encore). I even  copied all those .ax and .dll files to i7's PPro with no change in its crashing.


      reinstalled suite and QT already several times in different combos - no progress.

      tired and no idea what to do next.


      please, can anyone suggest any solution?.


      P.S. Crash also happens, when in AfterEffects trying to set output format to MPEG/H.264

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          After installing K-Lite, your only solution may be to do a complete reformat of your disk, a reinstall of OS and programs.


          K-Lite should be avoided like the plague and use a supported OS.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Latest K-Lite and QT drivers.


            I'd wipe the hard drive, reinstall everything from the OS on up, only this time using CS4, and leaving out the two items listed above.

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              Zyrgelys Level 1

              Interesting point, Harm.. never heard of K-Lite doing harm, at least I have worked on older workstations with it onboard for 5-6 yrs with no problems. The reason why we installed K-Lite earlier, was because without it AE didnt offer MPEG2 as output option at all - afterwards it magically appeared in outputModule list.. however caused crashes anyway.

              Anyway, thank You - I am going to uninstall KLite and remove all its traces, and lets see if it does any impact on AMEs behavior.


              Yes, Jim.. that was thing I was so afraid of - Vista and CS4 are my worst experiences ever.. I suspect in our case using CS3-certified OS is kind of waste of resources - putting 32bit OS on 64bit hardware, if its possible at all. My final hope is that CS3 will work acceptably at least on Vista64.. or in the near future on win7.

              Thanks for sharing Your opinion, which again pointed me towards undesirable but at least some way to out of this despair.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                I have CS4 running quite nicely on Win 7 64 bit.  I do not have K-Lite or anything Quicktime installed.

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                  Zyrgelys Level 1

                  Cannot describe my feelings, but yes I did uninstall KLite with no change - crashed like before.

                  And then I recalled someone in forums sugesting to disable modules on crashy startup sequence (we have experienced this with CS4)..

                  on last resort I decided to disable that winMediOPWriter.vwr and couldnt believe myself when AME window dialog appeared.. I expected to PPro crash on encoding, but NO - IT WORKS WORKS WORKS!! (at least DV-AVI, MPEG1 and MPEG2).

                  Similar solution ALSO worked for After Effects, still I don't know what those modules are intended to do. Could anyone tell?

                  Tomorrow I'll check other formats and compatibility with other CS3 modules, like Encore.. or even K-Lite pack.

                  Thank you all for your will to help and I hope my experience will save someones hours, days, weeks and nerves..

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                    Can you please describe how you disabled winMediOPWriter.vwr? I am experiencing the same problems with PPro CS3, every time I try to export using AME. Thank you.

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                      gh_sg Level 1

                      I too formerly experienced similar problems after installing k-lite package - AME, Premiere etc becomes problematic. When installing k-lite, there are prompts that to remove a bunch of suppossed windows media broken codecs. I believe these are the culprits. The solution - re-install Windows Media Player 11 and everything works thereafter (no need to uninstall k-lite). Hope this would help to solve your problem!