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    Crash AE CS3 when setting MPEG2/H.264


      AE crashes with "AE crashed 00::42" box, when trying access MPEG2/H.264 in RenderQueues OutputModule.


      We've uninstalled/cleanuped everything Adobe related and done fresh install of AE CS3 on following workstation:


      Intel Core i7 920, 6Gb RAM,

      WinXPPro x64, SP2, DX9,

      nVidia Quadro FX1800, 768Mb RAM, dr.v.,

      Latest K-Lite and QT drivers.


      sherlock.exe shows "known false positives" - H.264/AVC, MPEG. (are they really so false?)

      dxDiag.exe passed perfectly, however Windows Error Reporting displays a number of identical entries:

      "AppErr afterfx.exe <ver>, faulting module winmediawriter.vwr <ver>, fault address 0x0002492d;&#x000d;&#x000a;"

      (as I remember this module also caused AE CS4 crash on startup before, so we removed CS4 completely)


      Reinstalled suite and QT already several times in different combos - no progress.

      Entering win diagnostic mode won't allow installing CS at all. Disabling AVG/Spybot during install made no change.

      tired and no idea what to do next.


      please, can anyone suggest any solution?


      thankyou in advance


      P.S. Crash also happens, when in PPro trying to access Adobe Media Encoder.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant



          Get rid of it. Several of those CoDecs are either leaky (as in being dangerous to your system), do not provide compatibility hooks to the legacy Windows Media architecture or simply "steal" hooks from otehr CoDecs intended to handle the same media types. They only run as DirectDraw accelerated CoDecs and neither Adobe app can handle that except for the CoDecs supported via MediaCore. It's the same old story as to why most DivX/ Xvid/ Fraps [insert application X here] do not work in AE.



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            Zyrgelys Level 1

            Thanks, Mylenium. I am surprized about K-Lite, because it worked for me for years untill this workstation. Uninstalling this codec-pack was also what Harm Millaard and Jim Simon suggested in Premiere forum. I followed their advice, but unfortunately it did not change things - AE and PP were still crashing like before.

            Things seemed totally grim..

            ..and then I disabled faulty module mentioned before.. and, man, now IT WORKS!!!!!!! (not fully tested yet, but probably works also because of K-Lite gone). Thanks God my efforts and your advices were not in vain.

            Still, I don't know what that winmediawriter.vwr is intended for, but as far as I tried, uncompressed AVIs and MPEG2s (those I specially cared about) are encoding like a charm. Does anyone knows what consequences can I expect?

            I left my coleague installing back rest of CS3 to see tomorrow if it still works with such modules as Encore. And probably we will test KLite pack again.

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              VWR files are wrapper handlers for some of the media formats I mentioned, in this case Windows Media.