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    Multiple layered effect

    Drossaert Kristof

      Is it possible to build a website with multiple movielayers.


      (layer 1 is toplayer in this case)

      * On layer 1 we have text and actionbuttons

      * On layer 2 we have a Presenter (filmed on a Chroma Key background)

      * On layer 3 we have movies in a frame (but the presenter sometimes moves his hand in front of this movie)

      * On layer 4 we have a general background


      The movies have to be feeded from a database, so if we change those movies we don't have to cut the whole thing up.


      This all has to be put on on the web, so it must be small, but with minimal quality loss.



      Part of this bèta-website can be seen here: www.videoattitude.be, choose a language and wait.  You won't be able to login, but here you can allready see the quality we have now...