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    imported file recognised but conforming crashes


      Hi there hopefully somebody can help as I know very little about this. Firstly we are working with a PV-500 camera which saves the recordings to an sd card. These files are then imported into Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 for editing.  The first thing Adobe will do is recognise in the project tab that it is a video clip with sound as it shows the thumb nail. However at the bottom right it says that it is conforming.  This is where we start to have problems as it conforms the imported file for a bit, and then it appears at the top of the task bar that Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 is not responding.  But this doesnt always happen at the same position when conforming other imported files from the same recording devices (PV-500). some files that are imported are upto an hour long and others about 20 minutes. We used to use Hi8 cassettes and they would be able to be recorded with Adobe premiere Pro 2.0 when played through a digital video cassette recorder, and this worked fine.  Also we can convert the file back to tape format and they work too, but it seems pointles and longwinded to convert the file back to a cassette format just for it to work.  so why is this a problem when importing the file straight into Adobe Premiere.


      Any help is much appreciated, cheers.

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          Is THIS your camera?


          If so, it appears to record in MP4 format, and probably with the H.264 CODEC. I do not find any info on the Audio.


          Conforming is a necessary part of Importing a file. PrPro is getting the file ready to edit and also display the Waveform of the Audio. You must allow this to complete. The progress bar at the lower-right will let you know when this is done.


          If the hang is coming after the Conforming stage, then there is likely a problem with the CODEC being used. For MP4, there are three good CODEC's: Apple, MainConcept and Lead. Some have had better luck with one, vs the others.


          I'd also get G-Spot and see exactly what is inside that MP4 "wrapper." The latest version of G-Spot, 2.70a, should give you fill info. This ARTICLE will give you some background on those "wrappers."


          It could well be that you will need to convert these files for PrPro 2.0 to edit them well.


          Good luck,