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    problem for EX1 edit in CS4


          At first, i am sorry for my poor english, hope u will get me. 


          The problem is...If Sony XDcam EX1 recording longer than 15mins, the *.mp4 files will be split for many 3.5GByte files, and named by *_01,*_02,*_03...  In clip browser 2.0, thay all can be explore, playing or export.  But, if import in PPro CS4, thay all not detected be a complete clip, so it can not be play, edit and export.  So, what i can do??


          The Media Encoder CS4 offen stop encode or shut down when export mpeg2 code,  so, i what to know which one is more important? Cpu? Memory? Disk?

      My computer specs are:

          Intel Xeon X5500 2.67Ghz

          24G ram

          1G NVidia Quadro FX 580

          1.5T Sata Hard Disk

          Windows vista 64bit


          And, how many disk(SAS, 7200rpm) made raid 0 is best for 1080P edit?


          Thanks all.