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    Take a picture & store it

      I would like to use a web cam to take a picture and then store it in a CF web app. Anyone able to point me in a good direction?
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          Need to know a few things first.

          1. What version of CF are you using?
          2. Do you use a database, and which one?

          If you are using MySQL, it is simple to do. If you are using MS Access - I am having issues with that reality right now as well.

          If are are not using a database, then you will need to use ColdFusion to store the picture in a folder or directory - this requires that your server be configured to allow directory listings and a few other items.
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            JoelWaldron Level 1
            I am using CFMX7 and an SQL dbase. Actually, storing the picture is a folder is, I think, the approach I need to go with. I'd like to take the picture, crop it to size and store it. Then my CFapp would pull it up as needed. Also would like to see the image on the screen before taking the actual picture for centering purposes, etc. Thanks!
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              I have done this..I have used the tag CFX_Image. (google it) This is a great tool. On upload, you are able to set many attributes, like resize, crop, etc. I needed a thumbnail and the image in a larger size. This tool worked for me and my needs. Good luck.