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    CS4 freezes when editing audio.


      Hello All,


      I have a client that has a workstation that freezes when she edits audio in CS4.  I have seen it happen and what it does is it keeps playing the audio but Adobe CS4 freezes until the audio is done playing or when she kills CS4.  I have reinstalled Adobe CS4, talked to Adobe technical support, reloaded her workstation with Vista 64 bit, put in another hard drive for the page file, and ran through every troubleshooting document I could find on the forums and Adobes website.  Her workstation is a Core2Quad 2.4GHz and 4GB of ram with Vista 64 bit.


      This is an on-going issue that needs to be solved ASAP and any help would be appreciated from other users.  I do not want to resort to calling Adobe technical support as I was not satisfied with their knowledge of their product.


      Thank you,





      Edit:  Harm Millaard chime in if you have any suggestions.  You seem to be very helpful on these forums.  Also, you have a very impressive computer setup and props to you for putting it together.