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    CS4 - need to export file type: avi codec: XviD


      I just downloaded the 30-day trial for PremierePro CS4 as I was having difficulty maintaining saturation when converting with Premiere Elements 4.0.  I was told that I could export my files in PremierePro CS4 with the specs I need, but I don't know how.  Specs I need are:


      Dimensions:  1360 x 768

      File Type:  .AVI

      Codec:  XviD

      30 Frames per second


      I'm completely new to this so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.  I had downloaded some sort of XviD file online, and it added it to my export option, but it wouldn't do anything when I selected it and I would eventually have to close down PremierePro.  I've since removed the XviD program from my computer in case the program itself was corrupted.