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    cs4 embeded font wierdness

    rechtut Level 1

      a very mysterious thing!!!


      i imported a true font into the library(DIN Medium).

      it shows up just fine in my font selection box (asterix next to the name of the imported font - as it should be).

      I then format various a STATIC TEXT fields/boxes on stage.

      i publish an .swf (player 10) and then and .exe and view the result on MY computer - everything is fine.



      i view it to another computer (no DIN in the system font folder)

      SOME text fields are just fine.

      SOME of the text fields have some other font applied.


      When i analyze the differences between these text fields in my .fla, the only difference is that the fields that hold on to the imported font are the ones that have some variety of sizes in them.

      In other words a field that is strictly and consistently 12pt - goes to hell.

      another field that has one letter at 14pt and the rest of the word at 12pt - is just fine.



      Is there a solution to this as i already have the interactive finished and i have hundreds of static text fields to redo.


      am i doing something wrong in embedding the font into the library???


      all and any clue is appreciated!