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    FMLE 3.0.1 crashing when starting encoding from Osprey 240e


      I'm setting up a pair of live video encoders using Flash Live Media Encoder on Dell servers with Osprey 240e capture cards, running Windows Server 2003. FMLE crashes immediately upon starting encoding. The audio and video preview work correctly, but as soon as encoding starts, FMLE quits spontaneously with no error message and no crash log appears in Event Viewer. (I tried to attach the encode log but the forum won't let me.)


      Our machines are Dell R710 servers running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 with Osprey 240e capture cards (one card per machine), driver version 4.4.1. I've also tried Osprey's 4.5.1 beta driver and the result was the same. I have tried changing various options in the capture driver and in FMLE but the result stays the same. We have two of these machines and the results are the same on both.


      FMLE does encode without crashing if I disable video entirely and just encode audio. Video capture works fine with other programs e.g. Windows Media 9 Capture.


      Any suggestions?