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    Custom Components within a Button Component??


      Seems like I keep asking these crazy questions..here we go:


      I have created a Custom Component with three states, lets call them - CC1 (Summary), CC2 (Detail), CC3 (Close)


      Now I create a button (B1), and on click or rollover I want to show CC1 (Summary) which has another button that user can click to go to CC2 (Detail).


      But, when user rolls out off B1 then I want to hide the Custom Component.


      Here is what I tried:

      Trial # 1:

      I created Custom Interactions On Click and On Roll Over for the button. This has two issues

      - I have manually close these as they dont go away on Roll out. Yes, I did create On Roll out, but that wont allow me to click the button in CC1 to go to CC2. See my problem.



      Trial # 2

      I use the button state (UP and Over). But, then the button inside CC1 doesnt work?


      all help will be greatly appreciated.