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    Packing directory output to a list

    Ultimatorx Level 1

      I am new to this, I have tons of directories that I am working on. I want to output the files in each directory to a comma delimited list with each list named after  the directory containing the files.  So far I have been able to write a code that groups each files underneath each directory but i'm stuck as to the list part, I need help as to packing the output into a list thanks for your assistance.


      I have gotten as far as this


      <cfset dir = ("D:\dox\")>

      <cfdirectory name="Getdir" action="list" directory="#dir#" type="All" recurse="yes">

      <cfquery dbtype="query" name="Getfiles">

      SELECT * FROM Getdir ORDER BY directory, name </cfquery>

      <CFOUTPUT QUERY="GetBoth" GROUP="directory">