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      A short time ago I brought some questions to the forum on file conversion. There were many good suggestions many of which I successsfully put into my protocol, but there was one in particular which mentioned a software that allowed for batch conversions to DV format. I've lost track of that information. So if I could ask for that info again I would greatly appreciate it......Thanks   TT

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          A program that I use for most conversions is DigitalMedia Converter, about US$ 50. It does offer batch processing, and handles about everything that I have thrown at it. For PrPro, it has been about 99% perfect, and for PrE 100% perfect*.


          As I use this program for almost all conversions, I do not have experience with many others. There are probably several, that also offer batch conversions, but I just do not know them.


          Good luck,




          * The one problem that a very few of the DV-AVI Type II conversions have is with the correct Duration in PrPro. My "cure" is to Import these problem files into PrE and just Export to the same exact format/CODEC. Each has been 100% in PrE and once run through PrE, has been 100% in PrPro. I've never figured out why a few give the wrong Duration, but PrE has fixed the all, and always has Imported with the correct Duration.

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            Thanks for the, like, instant response!!  I just ordered the product and waiting for serial number to activate. I previously had AVS Conversion Software, which claims to be able to convert just about all formats but it does not batch. This is a big advantage as I see and and you have already mentioned in other responses.. Thanks again.....TT

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              One thing to remember is that DigitalMedia Converter does not ship with, nor install, any necessary CODEC's. By my way of thinking, this is good, as I want 100% control of just which CODEC's are installed on my computers. If I need one, I will go to the source and acquire it. I also do not like all the "free" CODEC's that abound. It's not that I have an issue with "free," it's just that some are really poorly hacked, or reverse-engineered versions of the origianls.


              For my workflow, I decide on what I need to convert to, load DMC up, and start it. I can still do a lot of work on my laptop, but it's pretty stout. Should I need to do editing, etc., I'll just go to the workstation, and leave the laptop alone to process. Depending on the Duration of the files, and their initial CODEC's, I find it quite fast.


              Good luck, and hope that it works as well for you, as it has for me,



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                Hello again,


                I've downloaded Digital Media Conversion Pro, and my main use for it is to convert to files that PE likes (no red line), but I'm not seeing the Digital Video or DV format that was listed in Windows Media which I was using before. What format is appropriate for PE..?  I'm starting with flashvideo,avi, and realplayer formats.   TT

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                  I'm answering my own question, re: the appropriate conversion for PE. Looking back and other conversions I made via Windows Media I see that they went to the .avi format.


                  My problem is that I don't do this every day. Clearly, most out there do. I forget, more likely, can't remember all the technical chains I pickup in a given inquiry.


                  I might say here that I do like the interface of the digital converter software and going direct, in batchs, to avi's will be a pleasure. Sorry for the redudent questions, but I do value all input....Thanks....TT

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                    Here is a look at the DMC GUI. Your version is likely newer, so some things might be slightly different and maybe in different locations:


                    DigitalMedia Converter 2.7.jpg

                    Hope that this helps,



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                      Thanks for the GUI, right, the new one is slightly different, a bit more sylized and it appears to have a couple of additional special effects. Columns are arranged a bit differently but essentially the same information. I didn't go into the settings before launching the conversion so I didn't assign a destination file, presume if I had that column would appear. Looks like I'll be able to save to a file after the conversion finishes.


                      All in all, what a time saver!!!  Before, I had to do an intermediate conversion to wma, then to avi, via Windows Media. Mostly, file by file. Clearly a big improvement. Appreciate your direction and tips.....TT

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                        Do set your Destination and your Working (or similar syntax) folders, before you hit OK. IIRC, the default location will be My Documents\Videos (or similar), when done, you will need to find out where it did the conversion. You can open up the Settings and see what is listed - that will be where your file is located.


                        Good luck,



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                          I love the batch feature. But I am having some difficulty importing the converted files into PE. It is giving me an error message that says "unsupported audio format". I set the covnversion for video, avi and audio, mp3. I thought that these were both suppported in PE. Apparently there is a finer setting that I am missing. Any observations.....TT

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                            For Audio, set it to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit. Do not use MP3, or any other Audio CODEC.


                            Good luck, and hope that all works perfectly,



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                              Sorry to keep coming back on this. And I wish that I could send you a screen shot of the output format settings window. But let me try to explain my steps.

                              Before loading any files for conversion I first selected a format and a destination folder. That brings up a window that has two halves one to select a video format and the other to select an audio format. I'm thinking that this is where you choose a conversion process for either a video or a audio file. I went into the video half and selected AVI  which leads to another screen that shows the default settings for an avi conversion, both video and audio.


                              If you want to change them there is a button for "Conversion Settings". Hitting that brings you to the panels to adjust the settings.

                              The default video setting is:

                              COMPRESSOR - XviD,

                              FRAME RATE - 25,

                              BIT RATE - 1024.

                              All of these have other possible settings, I could enumerate them but I'm sure your more familiar with them all than I am.


                              The default audio settings are:

                              COMPRESSOR - PCM 16bit Little Endian,

                              FREQUENCY - 48000Hz,

                              BIT RATE - 1411.

                              The default audio setting was for a WAV compressor at 44100HZ which I changed to the above per your last suggestion. Both the compressor and the frequency settings have multiple selections but the bit rate is only 1411.


                              I did a test file and PE still will not take the conversion file based on an unsupported audio element.


                              If I'm becoming a pest on this just let me know and I will try to get clarification form the Digital Media help sources. I just thought that you might be able to unscramble my approach from experience. Thanks again for any light you might be able to shine on this......Thanks.....TT

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                                Don't worry about the questions. Others (and probably me too) will likely learn from them.


                                Now, with the Video, you do NOT want the Xvid Compressor. You want DV Video Encoder. Seeing the FPS of 25, indicates that you are in PAL-land. Is that correct? If not, then you will want 29.97/30 FPS (do not recall the exact Presets, and they might be slightly different in the newer version).


                                For the Audio, can you set that to PCM 16-bit Big Endian? PrE will Conform the file to a 32-bit Floating Point file for processing, and might be hung up on the Endianness of the resulting files. This Wiki-pedia entry will give you some background.


                                I think that you are close, with just a few more tweaks to your Settings.


                                Good luck,



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                                  I am not sure that this version of the software is the same as the earlier one.


                                  For the video compressor setting. I don't see one called DV Encoder.  Here are the selections for the Compressor setting in AVI.


                                  MPEG-4 Compressor

                                  Microsoft MPEG -4 Video Codec V2

                                  DivX3 (MSMPEG 4 V3 Codec)

                                  Windows Media Video 7

                                  Windows Media Video 8

                                  XviD Encoder

                                  MJPEG Compressor

                                  RawVideo Uncompressed

                                  Intel(R) H.263

                                  Intel (R) H.264 (AVC)

                                  Huffman Lossless Compressor


                                  I selected the DivX3 for this test.


                                  I'm not working in PAL and the 29.97/30 fps is available for selection, which I changed.


                                  I'm set at the PCM 16bit Big Endian.


                                  Tried another conversion and still get the "unsupported audio rate in the file" message.

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                                    With AVI chosen, you should not have most of these choices for Compression Type.


                                    I assume that you have DMC Pro 3.3, while I have DCM 2.7.8. I just contacted Deskshare on what I need to do to upgrade my copies to DMC Pro 3.3. When I complete that acquisition and install, I'll poke around and see where changes might have been made. Will report as soon as I have the newer program.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      Correct that is the version that I have. I shot a query off to the Digital Media Forum but there on not many editors on that forum so the depth of knowledge is not as good as this forum from the Premier standpoint. But it appears that the DM help desk answers most of the submissions so perhaps they can help some as well.


                                      I'm thinking that too many choices is leading to confusion for the less initiated like me. Thanks again for staying on the trail......TT

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                                        As an additional note.


                                        I successfully converted a .flv file to a WMV file via Digital Media 3.03. I then converted that file to a DV-AVI via Windows Movie Maker. I loaded into PE as smoothe as silk.


                                        I did this before with AVS software file by file, no batch, very slow. Windows Movie Maker has a form a batch process but overall this old system was pretty tedious.


                                        Hopefully, this new DM 3.03 will work. I'm sure its something that I am or am not doing correctly. For it could then all be done in one step.


                                        If for some reason it will not then at least I have a way to batch process each conversion. That will save a lot of time in itself...TT

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                                          A bit of an update.


                                          Digital Media suggested that I had a problem with audio Drivers and should make sure its up to date. I went to HP and reloaded the only one available for my model and tried again... My original settings and the ones they suggested......No Luck...


                                          Here's their response........


                                          This problem with AVI import seems to be the result of a missing or improperly installed DirectX filter on your PC, which is needed for Premiere Elements to import certain multimedia files. If you have a Hewlett-Packard PC, you may need to download and install an updated Realtek High Definition audio driver from HP's web site. If your computer is from another manufacturer, it would be a good idea to be sure you have the latest driver for your audio system.

                                          If this does not help, please try using this audio compression with your AVI files: MP3 (MPEG 1 Layer 3) with a Frequency of 44100 Hz and a Bitrate of 256 Kbps.