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    Ideas on logfile rotation for AIR app




      I am working an on AIR application which needs to log events and messages to a log file. I am using

      the Logger framework provided by flex and a new log target that I have defined to write to a log file.


      But the problem is that: i need to put a maximum size on a log file so that my log files dont take

      up too much disk space. At the same time, to have enough history of the application's run time events,

      i would prefer to have 'N' log files ...for example: log1.txt, log2.txt, ... logN.txt with log1.txt being the latest



      So, anytime log1.txt reaches its maximum size defined by a configuration file, i will try to initiate log rotation on

      the existing log files.


      I am thinking of using AIR's File API moveTo() to do the rotation.


      Can people please share their thoughts on the approach?


      Even better if someone has already solved a similar problem, please point me to the right resources.