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    AIR and PDF rendering




      We are considering using Adobe AIR for our university project, but I have some questions concerning PDF rendering when using Adobe Air. I searched these forums and with google, but some questions remained. I hope someone here is able to answer those questions.


      I understand that it is possible to display PDF files in an AIR application via Flex and a HTMLRenderer that is wrapped in a UIComponent.

      In the documentation it says, however, that this "rendering" uses the Reader plugin and therefore displays itself on top of all other elements.

      Is this still true and there is no way to circumvent this?

      Because I would like to use this as a way to add comments with a lot more information than Acrobat offers. Because at the same time the commenting workflow seems to be disabled in AIR, too.


      I would be really glad if someone could answer those questions.


      Thank you very much in advance.