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    Capture problem in CS4

    bh0617 Level 1

      I received about 18 DVDs (regular and mini)  from all over the world for inclusion in an upcoming international conference video presentation. I'm using Premier CS4 on an approved Adobe system with a matrox RTX2 BoB. I have a Panasonic DVD recorder/player (model DMR-EA18). My problem is that ALL of the material on the DVDs are capturing in a) gray scale; b) extremely grainy; c) audio off by at least one full second.


      When I play them directly to a monitor, they are excellent quality, in color and the audio is in perfect sync.


      What am I doing wrong?


      This project is due in one week. I could really use an informative answer. The solution to use my on board dvd burner to load all the VOB files to my hard drive and then try to edit each one is not feasible. Most likely I will only be using one minute of material or less from each of these dvds and there is probably 2 hours recorded on each one.


      Your help is appreciated.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7


          What am I doing wrong?


          Only three obvious things:


          1. You are trying to edit material that is OK for watching, but not editing. Get the source material from which these DVD's were made.

          2. You use a Matrox. Get rid of it.

          3. You can't capture from DVD. You need to import.

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            bh0617 Level 1

            ONE: since the material has been already submitted from India, Costa Rica, South Africa, Sri Lanka etc, and the conference is in one week, obtaining anything else is impossible. I need to work with the material I have.


            TWO: I won't even address the matrox issue. The fact is I have what I have and it's not up to me to choose differently. Frankly CS4 is not all it's advertised to be from my short experience with this production suite. The problems I'm having are unbelievable and support basically nonexistant. I've been using Adobe Premier since version 4 and have never experienced anything like this. If a poll were taken today, I would not recommend this program to my worst enemy.


            THREE: Import rather than capture? How? Each DVD is 1-2 hours in length - I need about one minute or less from each one. If you could please give me some baby steps on how to accomplish this, I'd be most grateful. I have 2TB of hard drive space on my video drive. 500GB on my operating drive. I'm also running on Vista 64.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Import the VOB file you need into your project.