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    Trouble rendering widescreen

    AntonyM6-sPksqC Level 1

      I am using Windows Vista on a PC, and have an AE CS4 project which has the Composition properties:

      PAL D1/DV Widescreen


      25 fps


      I am trying to create a video to upload to YouTube and Vimeo.


      I have clicked on Composition->Add to render queue and output to the following file types:


      .m4v and .aac




      The problem is that only the .m4v is actually created as widescreen. All the others are output as 4:3.

      But I couldn't see any options in the render settings to specify 4:3 or 16:9.


      And the .m4v has a separate audio file (.aac) so I can't use that!


      Any thoughts as to where I am going wrong? I didn't have this much trouble back in CS2 !!!