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    Testing Files url error




      I am working on DW cs4 and wamp server 2.0. When defining my site i think i entered the testing url like it should:




      But i still get this error HTTP 12150 when hitting the ' test url '  button.


      Server is online and everything looks fine. Whats wrong?

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          I have no idea what that error is. Take a look at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/setting_up_php_05.html, which describes how to define a testing server for PHP. It uses XAMPP, but the basic principles are the same.

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            I got this error as well. My issue was that I needed to have the website setup with the same directory for storing files as the directory to which you point the root of your site.



            For my site: www.mysite.com (don't go there I made this up for the example)


            Dreamweaver Asks:


            Where on your computer do you want to store your files?




            And next it asks:


            What URL would you use to browse to the root of your site?




            The latter should be configured according to the link that was posted earlier by David Powers.


            When I had these two mismatched (trying to store the files elsewhere), I got the HTTP 12150 Error. I don't know if this is the exclusive solution to this problem but it fixed it for me. I'm still getting a warning about a prefix causing potential link failures but I can't really figure out what's causing that. Seems to be more of a warning.

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              i had the same problem on which i found a simple solution for.

              i have a local testing server and a remote server (both are ASP.NET C#)

              i define the site as follows :


              HTTP URL address : http://www.bunnyslots.com

              Server Technology : ASP.NET C#

              Edit and Test Localy : D:\Websites\bunnyslots.com\Site\

              Testing Server : http://bunnyslots.loc/ (this url was made up with the hosts file change, i added " bunnyslots.loc" to the hosts file),

              this is where the problem appeared and solved, when i havent entered the last / on the end of the address, i got the same error 12150,

              when i added the last / to the address, everything works fine.


              i hope this helps anyone...