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    sync based on timecode


      hello everybody,

      i'll tell you about my project:

      we are shooting a documentary with two HDV cams. timecode was set in free run mode starting simultaneously in both cams, so that timecode keeps running even if the cam isn't recording. in that way, i presume, i can synchronize cameras easily.


      i captured this footage through premiere cs4, but i cannot seem to find the timecode embedded in tape.

      if i cannot get this to work i'm screwed... i'll have to manually syncronize around 22 hours of footage....


      i hope i made myself clear, please don't hesitate contacting me if you need further info


      thanks in advance

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          redguy_ Level 1

          no hope huh?

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I just don't work with HDV, myself.

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              fuaho Level 1

              You'll need to give a lot more information for anyone to help.


              Did you have machine control from the NLE when you ingested the footage?


              Did you just ingest selected takes or the entire tape?


              If you did selects, how did you do that?


              How were the tapes identified?


              If you look at the expanded bin, do you see any timecodes or does everything start at 00;00;00;00?


              If you mark an in and an out in a clip do the displayed times correspond to the TOD when that footage was shot?


              If you then type those timecodes into the source monitor when the matching clip is showing, does it show the matching frames?


              etc, etc, etc...

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                pebalsamo Level 2

                I "thought" that premiere will see the TC of HDV but it has been a while since I have used it.  There is a way to tell Premiere to use the device timecode or to start each clip at 00;00;00;00.  I am not at my machine right now so I cannot give you the exact path but I think that it is under Edit, Preferences, Media.  From there you can select to use device TC.  I would double check that it is set that way.


                I am having the Same problem with AVCHD right now.  Every clip starts at 00;00;00;00.  Premiere for some reason does not see the TC and it is VERY frustrating.


                Now that I am thinking about it I had a problem onetime where while I was capturing video with Premiere it was showing the correct TC in the bottom left corner of the screen BUT after the capter the clip started at 00;00;00;00.  That may have been with HDV, I just cannot remember.


                I mostly do Wedding and other events so TC does not usually make a big difference, but this was a long Corporate project with Multiple cameras and of course the first time I actually wanted to use TC I could not get it to work.


                Let us know if you get it figured out...



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                  redguy_ Level 1



                  i had machine control from premiere


                  i ingested the whole tape


                  tapes were identified like:

                  day-2 cam-1 tape-1

                  day-2 cam-1 tape-2

                  day-2 cam-2 tape-1



                  almost everything starts at zero in the expanded bin. there are 22 clips total. four of them starts at times different than zero but they are not TOD

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                    redguy_ Level 1


                    yes, thats the path, but it's like premiere ignores TC embedded on tape.

                    obviously it is not only the start time among cameras that is to be synchronized but every time cameras stop and start recording again

                    it IS very very frustrating and time consuming, and even more frustrating is that it is something that very well could be done in an automatic fashion.


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                      pebalsamo Level 2

                      Shoot a PM to dradeke and see if he can pass any info onto you...



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                        dradeke Adobe Employee

                        You should be capturing the timecode by default.  Expand the project panel and make sure you're seeing video in/out points.


                        You can also check this out as it might help:



                        To syncronize cameras for a multicamera edit, you stack each of your cameras (up to 4) in a sequence, making sure the camera with your audio is on track 1.  Then select all four tracks, right click and select 'Synchronize'.  There you can choose time code and see it line up.


                        For a multicamera edit, nest that sequence into another, right click it, enable multicamera and open the multicamera monitor.


                        I hope this helps,


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                          pebalsamo Level 2

                          I went back and found the last wedding that I did in HDV and all my TC starts at 00;00;00;00.  I double checked my setting to make sure that there were set to read from source and they were...


                          I remember seeing the TC from the tape while it was recording but for what ever reason Premiere does not let me use it...





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                            fuaho Level 1

                            There is, unfortunately (and for all of Adobe's noise about "metadata") a difference between timecode and timedate stamps. Premiere does not recognize timedate stamps even though they are totally valid metadata that could be used if implemented.


                            There are a few timedate stamp utilities for DV, and perhaps for HDV as well that will allow you to extract that information. You can then use the File\Timecode function to manually enter the first frame time for each clip. Since you only have 22 imported clips, this should not be a major undertaking.


                            Once done, you should be able to use timecode for syncing the matching camera pairs into a multicamera sequence.



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                              redguy_ Level 1

                              first off, thanks for all the responses so far




                              i will research on these applications you mention, but the thing here is not only to synchronize the first frames of each file, i have to put in sync every take that it was done in each tape so i have to cut where the camera stopped recording and resync the first frame of the next take until it ends and so on.

                              it is quite painstaking

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                                Colin-B Level 1

                                redguy, you could try opening one of your m2t files in the demo version of DVMP Pro. That will at least confirm that your files do actually contain timecode (it displays at the top-left of the metadata panel as the file is playing). Also click the File->Properties menu and check whether there is a Prem Start Timecode value displayed.