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    IK expert needed:  old anim techs meets new?


      I am a professional Flash character animator, who up until recently has been using Flash MX2004.  I just got CS4 and am excited to learn how the new features can help me in animation.


      But I can't help but use the techniques that I know.  I use a lot of property instances of graphic symbols to control my animations, especially for facial expressions, lipsync, hand gestures, etc.  I set up the variations and features inside the symbol, and then set the instance on the main stage to the single frame I want to the given frame within the symbol.


      I am interested in learning IK, as I think it will speed up animation without the gruntwork of keeping all the joints linked up by hand.  But I have tried several IK tutorials that only brush the surface of this new function.  And when I tinkered with it myself, I found that if I tried to change the property of a symbol instance that is already connected to a skeleton, it changed that instance for the entire bone tween.  Additionally, if I ried to skew/scale an instance with bones, it also changed for the entire bone tween, not just where I wanted.  In short, it won't let me animate how I want to animate it.


      This is absolutely unworkable for me, especially if I have a character who is speaking while in motion, or I need to forshorten or 'squash and stretch' a symbol during action.


      Is there a way to keyframe specific instance attributes within an IK bone tween?  Might this have to do with 'object properties'? (is that what it's called?  The one where anim is attached to an object on stage instead of in the timeline?  This is another new function I don't understand yet.)


      If there are any of you out there who do pro-quality char anim, and are currently making use of IK in your work, I would be soooo appreciative if you could help me incorporate this or other new Flash CS4 functions into my anim methods!  Or a tutorial that takes IK to the next level for those of us who need fine-quality performance?  How do you make IK do what YOU want it to do?



      Old school trying to learn new tricks,