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    DateTimeAxis - set Label to display Date + Time


      Is there a way in flex 3 chart component to display both the date and time (label) using horizontal DateTimeAxis?


      Currently the DateTimeAxis element has an attribute "dataunits" which allows to set the value to any of "milliseconds|seconds|minutes|hours|days|weeks|months|years" but I want to display the label as "2009/09/15 06:00:00" which includes the day and the time too.


      Here is the sample that i'm using


      public var deck:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
      {date:"2009-09-15 06:00:00", close:42.71},
      {date:"2009-09-16 06:15:00", close:42.99}


      public function myParseFunction(s:String):Date {
      var sDate = s.substring(0,s.indexOf(" "));
      var sTime = s.substring(s.indexOf(" "));
      var aDate = sDate.split("-");
      var aTime = sTime.split(":");
      return new Date(aDate[0],(aDate[1]*1-1),aDate[2],aTime[0],aTime[1],aTime[2],0);