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    Remote Debugging: Breakpoints not getting hit..

    Joel Holder

      Hi Everyone, we are trying to get CFBuilder debugging against remote CF MX8 servers.  We've gotten a good deal of the way there but are hung up with an issue that probably has to do with incorrectly mapping the setup instructions found here into our particular environment.


      So for the brave and willing here are the details...


      We followed the setup instructions in the CF_builder_beta_help.pdf document for Remote Server Setup.


      See here:




      Create a remote server:

      Before you create a remote server in ColdFusion Builder, do the following tasks.


      Run the Admin server instance in the remote ColdFusion server

      Depending on your remote server version and configuration, do the necessary tasks.


      Standalone remote server version 7.0.2, 8.0.1


      Unzip the file AdminServerComponents.zip to {CFHome}

      The following files are copied to {cfhome}/runtime/bin:




      The Admin Server instance is copied to {cfhome}/runtime/servers


      Go to {cfhome}/runtime/bin and run adminstart.sh (for Mac OS/Unix)




      This brings up a webserver on port 8000.  When I hit it, am getting:


      500 - There is no web application configured to service your request.


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------


      The net effect of this is that I get this when CFBuilder attempts to hook up to the server:


      [cfmx.blah.com], Error, 09/22 at 05:50:44, Connection reset by peer: socket write error

      [cfmx.blah.com], (09/22 at 05:50:44): Server is available. Getting server settings from Server


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------


      Some environmental information that might help those of you who've read this far.


      1.  The CF instance is being hosted by Sun Java One Server, not on builtin webserver.  (Is using AdminComponents's adminstart.sh proper for this env?)

      2.  CF is installed StandAlone.

      3.  I can see the ColdFusin Data Sources for this cfmx.blah.com just fine in the RDS DataViewer.

      4.  We have enabled LineDebugging in CFAdministrator.


      The only thing that appears not to be working is that my breakpoints are not getting hit when I debug.  This is of course the whole reason for this excercise..


      I suspect that this line in the above Console log holds the reason: [cfmx.blah.com], Error, 09/22 at 05:50:44, Connection reset by peer: socket write error


      Can anyone help?  Bhakti?..



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          Joel Holder Level 1

          Key piece of additional info on this:


          Under the Servers tab I see my cfmx server's status is "Unknown" (see attached screenshot).  As I understand it, this should say "Running".  Can anyone confirm and perhaps offer suggestions?





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            Bhakti Pingale Level 2

            Hi Joel,


            As I understand from your setup, you are able to successfully start the admin on your remote server. Have you changed the security.properties?

            But its important to check what port are you specifying for this server in CF Builder.


            The webserver port(Add Server Wizard, Panel 1) will not be 8000. It should be the port on which ColdFusion is running. So if your CF Administrator/CFIDE is rendered using port 8500, then your webserver port becomes 8500.

            Your JNDI port(Add Server Wizard - Panel 2) is the port in which admin is running, so when you started admin using adminstart.bat you must have seen the port 2910 or 2911, check that. That should be your JNDI port.


            After you specify all the server details appropriately you should see the status as 'Running' only then can you work with this server.


            For the Public Beta build that you are using, there is support only for JRun based servers. Hence if your server instance is anything other than that say, JBOSS, WAS , you will not be able to add it in CF Builder.


            We are supporting it in the next drop of CFBuilder.


            In case you are still facing a problem with adding a Remote- JRun based ColdFusion server, can you please provide us with the screen shot of your Server details(both Panels)? And the URL of your CFIDE Administrator?



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