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    Reader 9.1 very slow to open local pdfs


      I'm having an issue with Reader 9.1 taking a very long time to open local pdfs. I'm running on a well equipped laptop. I try opening a single page pdf (nothing fancy) and it takes at least a good 45 seconds to a minute to open, even with Reader already open (with no file previously open). Doesn't matter the size of the file, still takes a very long time.


      If I close the file and re-open it without shutting the computer down, it opens up right away though.


      Any suggestions? This has been going on for quite some time and is quite frustrating...


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          Sounds familiar, try turning off "show PDF in browser" in preferences - I just tried that, and it helped. Could even turn it on again without going back to my 12 second open delay, and the good news survived a reboot, but I will see...


          In my case it took exactly 12 seconds for each local, unprotected, etc., file I opened for the first time after starting up the system. I checked network activity, and found that NETBIOS sends an NbtNs message via broadcast from all network adapters on the computer (with IP installed) every 0.75 seconds, retrying 16 times, and getting no answer. Unfortunately that's where my wisdom ends - while I can capture network traffic with MS Network Monitor, I cannot interpret the stuff.