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    Flex 4 project with LC DS 2.6


      My group is not ready to make the conversion to Flex 4 and LC DS 3 with Fiber yet, but I'd like to keep Flash Builder relevant to our group by writing our Administration Tool in the new IDE.  My question is, to what extent can I use the new features such as Spark while ensuring compatibility with LC DS 2.6 Data Services and Remoting?


      It seems like the first thing I need to do when creating a project is change the namespace to http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml just to get the DataProvider object.  If this exists in some form in ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009 please let me know.  Or if I can add my RTMP data services destination as a "service" please advise.  Otherwise I'll continue with 2006.


      I'm not clear on whether or not I can use <s:WindowedApplication> or if I need to revert to <mx:WindowedApplication> in my case.


      Lastly, what are some cool UI tricks or chrome I can use to show off how cool Flex 4 is (and get everyone to use it), given the above limitations?