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    AIR + RSL Error #2035: URL Not Found


      I created a new AIR project called "Test" in FB3.2.


      Then went to project properties and changed all the linkages on the libs to RSL. (as with flex adding in the swz's as appropriate, correcting the load order which is wrong by default, removing the automation libs)


      The app compiles fine.


      However when you run it the .swz's load but the first .swf it hits will throw an error:


      Error #2035: URL Not Found. URL: app:/Test.swf/airframework.swf


      It will fail on all and any .swf.


      The actual swf concerned is correctly copied into bin-debug, so it is there, the issue seems to be as shown in the error messages it looks for a url of app:/Test.swf/airframework.swf when it should really be app:/airframework.swf.


      Anyone come across this, or know of a fix?