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    Error while issuing an httpService from a local swf

    vivek koodakkara
      We have a swf that  includes a Flex HTTPService call to check for
      tomcat status. This  call is resulting to below error:
      Error #2028:  Local-with-filesystem SWF filefile:///C:/......./click.swfcannot  access Internet URLhttp://localhost:8600/.../dummy.html."
      We are able to get  over this error by adding this click.swf as "Always Allow"
      However, in  production environment it is not feasible to do this manual  step.
      We would want to  know if there is a way to let the flash player know that this is  trusted
      by modifying  any config file of Flash player or flex.
      Please suggest. Any  pointers on resolving this is greatly appreciated