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    Simple Fill Question

    Xarzu Level 1

      I am doing a step-by-step tutorial called "Ray of Light". I am a newbee, so no laughing.  I am at the poing where I am trying to replicate this cool design:

      [IMG]http://images2.flashkit.com/tutorials/Special_Effects/Ray_of_L-Mark_Fen-1/ray_fill.gif[/IM G]

      I managed the gradient:


      Then I used the free-form tool and another button to nudge the shape into place:


      Now, do I fill in the space bettween the right white edge of the warped triangle and the left edge of the letter?

      The Tutorial says "Once created you need to fill the lights. Use the gradient tool, and the lock tool to create the perfect effect. "

      I do not kow what the lock tool is?  I am using CS4 and I think the tutorial was written for a different version.

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          I am guessing that the red lines are lines in Flash.


          If you break apart the letter to vector graphics (Ctrl+B twice on PC) you should be able to simply use the fill tool (paint bucket) to fill that space in with a solid white.


          Though, on the other hand, if keeping the letter as text is important to you, then you can draw a line that follows the left edge of the A, and then use the fill tool.

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            Xarzu Level 1

            Using the fill tool is exactly what I have been trying to do.

            I have "broken up" each part of the image.  Yes, the lines

            are part of the image as well.  I have zoomed the image

            up to 800% and carefully examined that there are no gaps

            and I have clicked on the little fill bucket and when I try

            to fill in the space, nothing happens.  There must be some

            step I am leaving out.

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              RossRitchey Level 4

              Make sure all bounding areas for the shape are on the same layer.

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                Xarzu Level 1

                Good point, but still not the answer.


                I do not know what caused the problem but when I made sure the area I wanted to fill in was bounded by a new white line on the top and one on the bottom, I was able suddenly to fill in the area.


                The red lines were on the same layer.  I made sure of this by putting a visual X (sorry I do not know the term) on the column where you can hide the layers except for the layer I was using.


                The question as to why this happened is not answered but the problem now is solved.


                So should I just mark this as being answered?

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                  RossRitchey Level 4

                  It sounds like there was a gap somewhere that was keeping the fill tool from working, and the added lines filled it.


                  A side-note: The fill tool has a parameter to fill even with gaps.  At the bottom of the tools palette there is a button that displays a circle when you have the fill tool selected.  Click this button, and you get a menu to choose No gaps, small gaps, large gaps.  Typically, changing this to large gaps when a problem like this arises will allow for the area to get filled.