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    FileShare in .AIR?

    Ehome.Arkham Level 1



      This enumeric exists or have a similar in .AIR?

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          adobe_paul Adobe Employee

          Yes, it's the flash.filesystem.FileMode class. That class defines the possible values for the fileMode parameter of the FileStream.open() and FileStream.openAsync() methods.


          ActionScript (and consequently AIR) don't have a concept of "true" enumerations that are strongly typed like the ones in C#/.NET. Instead, in ActionScript when a property or a method parameter expects a predefined set of values, there's a corresponding "pseudo-enum" class like the FileMode class that only includes static constants, each of which represents one of the possible values.


          (And I should add that although I linked to the Flex documentation and talk about ActionScript, these methods and classes are also available in JavaScript-based AIR applications.)

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            Ehome.Arkham Level 1

            But when I take the control of a file, in FileMode.READ and other app want to write something here, my app dont work. The same case happens when I take the control and the other app want to write something, the other app fails.